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Soldier Half Marathon
November 8, 2014
2:00;34  Chuck Rainbow
2:07:06  Natalie Dasantos
2:30:19  John McCusker
3:11:11  Holly Zinck
3:13:14  Jeff Wyke

Savannah Half Marathon
November 8, 2014
Dede WIlbanks  1:54:23
Melissa Zonin 2:55:46

Halloween Atlanta 5K
October 26, 2014
Shadia Otto 40:40.

Marine Corp Marathon
October 26, 2014
Chuck Rainbow hit the Half in 2:08:31, finishing in 4:33:17, a 1025 pace.

Casa Superhero Run
October 25, 2014
Sheri Fether 1st 10K in 1:00:59, 3rd in age group.
Shadia Otto 39:29 5K, 2nd place age group.
Jenna Robinson 5K 41:01.

4 Bridges Half Marathon
October 19, 2014
John McCusker finishes in 2:34:28.

Chicago Marathon

October 12, 2014
Mike Wills finishes in 4:57:48 a 13:53 pace.

Crystal, Erin, Nancy, Jen, and Bambi
Glow the Mall Pink
October 4, 2014
Crystal Kreung 35:42
Jennifer Gourley 28:54 3rd AG
Erin Eppiheimer  35:40

13.1 Atlanta
October 4, 2014
Rohan Wilson 1:32:30
Chuck Rainbow 2:00:59
Jessica Ferrell 2:16:18

Cherokee Zombie Run 5K
October 3, 2014
Jenna Robinson 26:42, 3rd overall.
Jennifer Gourley 29:06 2nd AG
Sheri Fether  29:22  2nd AG

Iron Horse 15K & 5K
September 14, 2014
Jenna Robinson 27:35 2nd Place Age Group
Sheri Fether  29:35  3rd Place Age Group
John McCusker 31:27  2nd Place Age Group
Cindy Webb 40:22

Jessica Ferrell 1:31:13
Lynn Simmons 1:32:43
Natalie DaSantos  1:36:21
Caroline Kinuthia 1:36:33
Jeff Wyke  2:06:19

Hickory Flat Out 5K

September 1, 2014
25:25    811  Jennifer Gourley
26:57    840  Natalie DaSantos
27:51    858  Edmund Magras
29:42    934  Emily Zinck
33:19  1043  Joy Fussell
33:40  1050  Cynthia Webb
34:36  1108  Crystal Kreung
37:07  1157  Jeff Wyke
42:35  1342  Shadia Otto

DI Dash 5K
August 23, 2014
Jennifer Gourley, 26:05  3rd in Age Group 35-39.
Crystal Kreung 42:51.

Peace, Love Run 5K
August 9, 2014
Jenna Robinson 26:40 and Sheri Fether 29:59.

Bridge of Lions 5K

July 26, 2014
John McCusker 36:08, Sue McCusker 36:08.

Summer Steamer 5K/10K
July 13, 2014
Joy Fussell ran her first 5K in 37:10.
Jessica Ferrell ran a 58:16 10K.

Peachtree Road Race
July 4, 2014
Rohan WIlson 39:40
Terri Kirkman 42:19  5th in AG
Jim Suber, 24th Peachtree, 52:52
Mike Wills 53:08

Woodstock Freedom Run
July 4, 2014
Eduardo Gregorio 22:05
Lynn Simmons 25:25
Jennifer Gourley 25:28 3rd in AG
Bill Leahy 25:39
Natlie DaSantos 26:12
Emily Zinck 28:55
Emma SImmons 29:30
Brian SImmons 31:29
Holly Zinck 31:49
Gisele Gregorio 34:34
Jeff Wyke 39:58

The Red Hot Half Marathon
June 21, 2014

Heidi Spaeth wins the Masters Division and also finishes 3rd overall female in 1:49:58, a 823 pace.  Jen Gourley finished in 2:27:56, 1116 pace, and Crystal Kreung 3:02:50.  It was hot and hilly.

Possum Trot 10K
June 21, 2014
John McCusker finished the race in 1:03:13, a 1011 pace.  This is also a 10 minute PR .

Dream Dash 5K
June 14, 2014
Emily Zinck (9) ran to second pace finish in her 0-9 age group in 30:49, a 955 pace.  Holly Zinck finished in 33:21 a 1044 pace.

Bootlegger 4 Miler
June 7, 2014
Lynn Simmons and Bill Leahy headed north to Dawsonville for this event.

Holly Springs 5K
May 24, 2014
Liam Naughton finished in 37:41 followed closely by his Mom, Saundra.

Freedom 5K

May 26, 2014
Giesele Gregorio 35:43, Eduardo Gregorio 24:06, 2nd in 40-44 Age Group.

Olympian Amara Jones joins the Foothills Running Club
Olympian Arama Jones of the 2012 Bahamas Olympic Team has joined the Foothills Running Club and looks forward to meeting all our members and training with us, when she is not training for the Olympics in the off season.  Arama is setting her sights on 2016 in Brazil, as again, part of the 4 x 100m Bahamas Olympic Relay team.  You can do a Google search to obtain more information; but when you meet her in person, you will meet a very nice individual with a ‘world’ of experience in running.   Amara also works for the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and is hoping that we will come to her country and run the Bahamas Marathon set for January 18, 2015.  More information to come.

80's Rad Retro Run
May 10, 2014
A cross country race at Cagles Farm.  Lots of wet trails, grass and hills, and a fun race.  Lynn Simmons 1st in age group, Natalie Dasantos 2nd AG, and Bill Leahy 3rd in AG.  John McCusker, Debbie Henderson, and Henderson were also in the race.

The Biggest Loser 10K Walk
John McCusker Overall Winner
April 27, 2014
John McCusker was the overall winner in The Biggest Loser 10K Walk at Six Flags, with a time of 1:13:52.  The first 5K was basically a flat course with a few upgrades.  The second 5k was inside the park, with many twists, turns, and significant uphills and downhills, it felt like you were on Mindbender.  John learned that you cannot go any higher that the Carousel, the highest point in the park.  John was encouraged several times along the course by walking with Jackson Carter - Season 14 and Marie Pearl - Season 15 Biggest Loser contestants.  Both commented after the race, "you really smoked that course, you walk fast." Overall the race was well organized, and it was nice to see a group of runners that are "committed to be fit."

Big Sur International Marathon
April 26, 2014
by Saundra Naugthon
The Big Sur International Marathon runs north on Pacific Coast Highway ( Hwy 1) from the Big Sur to Caramel.  It begins with 5 miles of downhill, followed by 4 miles of gradual ascent of 150 feet, a steep drop in elevation and into a winding 654-foot elevation gain over the course of  2 miles with an identical descent on the other side.  At this point- the half-way mark-  the worst is over.  But there are still four more hills on the back end to tax legs that have already been severely punished. 

Half-way:  glad to be over Hurricane Point and loving Bohemian Rhapsody on a grand piano.

This was the toughest race I have ever completed, and I earned my second slowest finishing time-- slowest being running my first marathon having run only half the distance beforehand.  However, it was the BEST running experience.  I left my Garmin in Georgia and my ipod in the hotel and spent the entire 4:40 in complete nirvana.  I shuffled along, not wanting to miss anything, because the view was breathtaking:  mountain to the left and the Pacific on the right.  Cows grazing on one side and sea gulls soaring on the other.  

Backward shot of the race course as it neared Caramel.

The weather was great- overcast and 50's for most of the morning.  The race was well-organized and small.  This marathon is a must for anyone more interested in a total experience than a PR.

Top Collegiate Runner Khadija Nisar to join Foothills
Kahdija Nisar is the Oglethorpe University record holder in the 4x800m relay, Distance Medley and the Sprint Medley Relays.  Khadija has run a 2:39 800m and 5:35 mile, and is now setting her sights on the Road 5K.  Khadija is also a coach at Atlanta International School who has helped athletes reach top performances in the State.  Khadija is looking forward to joining the Foothills Running Club.  Look for her at an upcoming race or perhaps at a Group Run.

Boston Marathon
April 21, 2014
Terri Kirkman ran a 3:37:21.

Kentucky Mini-Marathon
April 16, 2014
Heidi Spaeth ran a 1:33:06 taking 2nd place in her age group, with a 706 pace.

Jon Bettis Hats, Hooks & Boots 5K
April 10, 2014
Lynn SImmons, Bill Leahy, Holly Donaldson, Mike Griffin ran this benefit run at Boling Park.

Dirty Spokes Trail 5K
April 5, 2014
Eduardo Gregorio  25:19
Gisele Gregorio  44:03

Berry Half Marathon
March 29, 2014
Mike Griffin 2:25:21

Publix Georgia Marathon & Half Marathon

March 23, 2014


Rohan Wilson 3:59:57
Holly Donaldson 4:41:27

Half Marathon
David Lloyd 1:44:52
Saundra Naughton 1:47:36
Amanda Duncan 1:48:37
Mike Wills 1:58:28
Bill Leahy 2:08:00
Natalie Dasantos 2:14:55
Chuck Rainbow 2:14:59
Jim Murphy 2:18:47
John McCusker 2:57:01

First Watch Sarasota Half Marathon
March 16, 2014
Bill Leahy 2:06:17

Color Me Green 5K
March 15, 2014
Crystal Kreung 35:53, Erin Eppihimer 31:28.

Shamrock N' Roll 10K
March 9, 2014
Elena Zapico in her first 10K finished in 1:30:33.  John McCusker finished in 1:30:33.

Spartan Sprint
March 9, 2014
At around 4 miles and many obstacles, Lynn Simmons and Brian Simmons finished in 2:10:15.

Cowtown Half Marathon
February 23, 2014
Chuck Rainbow finishes in 2:08:00 a 9:45 pace.

Locomotive Half & 5K
February 16, 2014
Mike Will  1:54:30
Chuck Rainbow 2:01:57
Toni McAlister 2:45:20
John McCusker 32:26
Jeff Wyke  40:27

Guns and Hoses 5k
February 15, 2014
Eduardo Gregorio 22:44.

Miami Half Marathon
February 2, 2014
Holly Donaldson ran a 2:11:27.

Super Brawl 5K
February 2, 2014
Emily Zinck 32:27, Holly Zinck 32:40, Jeff Wyke 42:16.

Hot Chocolate 15K/5K
January 26, 2014

Eduardo Gregorio 1:16:50  815 pace
Gisele Gregorio  2:04:58  1325 pace

Lynn Simmons  29:32  932 pace
Emma Simmons  29:35 932 pace
Holly Zinck 36:12 11:39 pace
John McCusker 39:16  1239 pace
Jeff Wyke  42:32  1342 pace

Louisiana Marathon
January 19, 2014
Chuck Rainbow ran a 4:27:33, a 1013 pace.
I was chilly hanging around for the start. Just before the start a large flock of birds raced low overhead and the cry went up that no one had mentioned a fly over. The national anthem was once again poorly sung (why can't they ever get some one that can sing that song well?) and we were off. I started out with the 4:10 pace group, but they pulled over for water at mile 2 and I kept going. The first half was very scenic and down right beautiful even with my glasses off. The course split about mile 10. I was on pace to PR the half distance at this point and decided to start run/walk to conserve energy. Felt very good crossing the half point. My Garmin was almost right on the mark at this point also. I was about .01 "over". Things started to get wonky at this point also. At mile marker 14 I noticed that I was now about .17+ over the course marker, other runners around me noticed the same and it did nothing to get back in sync. And as a note I was hitting the corners as tight as possible.

Somewhere in here the 4:10 pace group caught up with me, but I was not able to keep up with them. Somewhere in mile 18 the 4:15 pace group passed me. The pace leader mentioned that they were almost 3 minutes ahead of pace as they passed me. Small comfort to me at that point.

It was about mile 20 that I started to struggle. Had issues with my right calf spasming and the right knee was having some issues.

The second half of the race was a pretty boring course, but the support from both the water station folks and the people living on the course was exceptional. The post race party looked great. I had to pull a huge string to get "late" check out at 1p and barely made that time so I really did not have a chance to hang around. I wish I had stayed an extra night as the live band that was playing was great and the food smelled wonderful. The photos of the medal do not do it justice.

All that being said, this was a great event. I enjoyed the run and the local support was the best that I have ever experienced at a race.

Key West Half Marathon
January 19, 2014
Amanda Duncan finished in 1:42:55, a 752 pace.

Mississippi Blues Marathon
January 11, 2014
Saundra Naughton takes 2nd place in the 40-44 age group, with a time of 3:43:26.

Disney Dopey Challenge
January 2014
Scott Hinkelmann and Chris Lee ran back to back races, 5K, 10K, Half, and Full Marathon, earning them the Dopey Challenge award.

Disney 5K
Scott Hinkelmann  30:22
Chris Lee 48:03

Disney 10K
Scott Hinkelmann  1:32:35
Maria Hinkelmann 1:32:35
Chris Lee 1:05:23

Disney Half
Scott Hinkelmann  2:44:21
Chris Lee 2:16:57
Carolyn Lawrence 3:35:28

Disney Marathon
Scott Hinkelmann 5:20:20
Chris Lee  4:41:16

Faith Cline Elf Trot 5K
December 14, 2013
Eduardo Giorgio finished in 22:38, a 13 second PR.  21st overall and 3rd in age group.

Kiawah Marathon
December 14, 2013
Jason Ferrell 4:56:47

Atlanta Half Marathon
November 28, 2013
Chris Lee finished in 1:59:32 on a cold morning.

Soldier Half Marathon
November 9, 2013
The Soldier Half Marathon is a well organized, laid back, and 7 hour time limit race, starting and finishing at the National Infantry Museum in Ft. Benning.  The start runs down the Avenue of the Flags, the enters Ft. Benning.  As you approach the first hill, a half mile out you can hear the noise, but as you approach you quickly find out that it is the Drill Sergeants yelling at runners going up the hill.  Soldiers are along the course providing support and encouragement.  As we left Ft. Benning our favorite drill Sergeants were again waiting for us.  We then entered the Columbus Greenway for the remainder of the race.  As you approach the finish line at the Avenue of Flags, your favorite drill Sergeants are back.  This is a good half for something different and a relaxing run or walk.  The course is except for one hill, is flat.  I finished in 2:46:34, and received a Dogtag medal.  John McCusker

Chickamauga Half Marathon
November 9, 2013
Terri Kirkman won the Chickamauga Half Marathon in a time of 1:29:57, a 652 pace.  Chuck Rainbow ran a 2:03:34.

YMCA Princess and Pirates 5K
November 2, 2013
Mitch Novy won the race in 17:29.  Lynn SImmons won her age Group in 25:19 (2nd Master).  Brian SImmons finished in 32:27, and John McCusker 3rd in Age Group in 33:20.  Emma Simmons ran the Fun Run.

Transfiguration 5K
December 2, 2014
Tim Giles finished in 35:45.  3rd place in 60+ age group.

CHOA Strong Legs Run
November 2, 2013
Jessica Ferrell 55:59
Jason Ferrell 56:00

Marine Corp Marathon
October 27, 2013 - Washington, DC
Jason Hitzeman ran a 5:17:59. 
Jim Murphy ran a 5:29:17.
Maria Coruzzi ran a 4:15:02.

Silver Comet Marathon
October 26, 2013
Eduardo Gregorio ran a 4:18:43 in his first marathon.

Silver Comet Half Marathon
October 26, 2013
Gisele Gregorio ran to a 2:40:48 in her first Half.

4 Bridges Half Marathon
October 20, 2013 - Chattanooga, TN
Lucy Walsh ran a 1:57:44.  Lynn Simmons ran a 2:01:59.

Apple Festival 5K
October 6, 2013
Holly Donaldson Won the Masters Division in 25:20.  Bill Leahy ran a 27:23.

Twin Cities Marathon
October 6, 2013
Heidi Spaeth crosses the Half marathon point in 1:39:01, on her way to finish the Twin Cities Marathon in 3:24:04, a 7:48 pace.

13.1 Atlanta
October 6, 2013
1:37:52  Rohan Wilson
2:15:44  Mike Wills
2:16:47  Chuck Rainbow
2:18:28  Jessica Ferrell
2:18:28  Jason Ferrell
2:20:15  Jason Hitzeman
2:21:29  Susan Guda

Air Force Half Marathon
September 21, 2013
Chuck Rainbow finishes in 2:16:15.

Iron Horse 15K
September 15, 2013
Saundra Naughton wins her age group 40-44 in 1:15:15.  Mike Griffin 1:32:00; Mike Wills 2:01:00, John McCusker 2:06:58, Alan Preis 2:11:17.

Iron Horse 5K
September 15, 2013
Bertice Muddiman wins her age group in 39:13.

Kasier Permanente Corporate Challenge 5K
September 12, 2013
John McCusker ran a 34:10.

Hickory Flat Out 5K
September 2, 2013
Emily Zinck finishes 2nd in her age group 7-8, in 32:49.  Holly Zinck in 33:24.  John McCusker 35:56.  Bertice Muddiman was 1st in her age group 70+ in 39:32.

Tupelo Marathon
September 1, 2013
Jason Hitzeman continues his marathon quest finishing in 5:38:33.

Vinings Downhill 5K
August 17, 2013
Chris Lee ran this net downhill course in 23:48.

Old Soldier 10K
August 2, 2013
Amanda Duncan wins her age group in 47:53.

Red Top Roaster 9.9 mi
August 2, 2013
Saundra Naughton 1:41:14, Bill Leahy 1:49:50, Mike Griffin 1:54:50. 

Run for Wounded Heroes 5K.
August 2, 2013
Gisele Gregorio ran to a PR in 33:44.  Eduardo Gregorio 22:58. 

Etowah River Run 5k
July 27, 2013
Emily Zinck started out steady and with a closing kick, passed two competitors to win her age group, 10 - under by 2 seconds in 32:07.  Also in the race was Mike Griffin 26:51, Lynn Simmons 27:33, Emma Simmons 28:45, Brian Simmons 34:40, and Holly Zinck 37:02.

Hot Biscuit 5K
July 20, 2013
Bill Leahy took 3rd place 50-55 age group in 27:22.

Georgia Games

July , 2013
Bill Leahy ran to a 3rd place Bronze Medal at the Georgia Games Trail Race at Rope Mill Park, 6.25 mi in 1:04:11.  Saundra Naughton finished in 1:18:39.

Summer Steamer 10K/5K
July 14, 2013
Emily Zinck took 4th in AG 5K with 31:36.  Mike Griffin did a 26:36, 4th place.  Holly Zinck 33:36.  Susan Guda 31:50.
In the 1K was Claire Zinck in 4:44, and Emily Zinck 3:51.

Woodstock Freedom Run 5K
July 4, 2013
Emily Zinck takes 3rd place in AG with a 35:00.  Lynn Simmons 26:16, Emma Simmons 26:13, Mike Griffin 26:24, Maria Hinkelmann 33:55, and Holly Zinck 35:24.

Peachtree Road Race
July 4, 2013
It was raining right before the start, but as the race started, the rain stopped and the temperature was perfect for running.  The roads were wet, but not slick.  I don't know if the weather was a distraction, or actually helpful, overall a good race this year. The number of runners seemed less, due to bad weather forecasts.

Rohan Wilson 41:57, was on 11Alive TV showing him finishing the race. 
Terri Kirkman 42:45.
Heidi Spaeth 44:03.
Mike Wills 48:27.
Jessica Ferrell 49:51.
Jason Ferrell 49:54.
Eduardo Gregorio 50:08.
Dede Wilbanks 56:11.
Sandy Beecham 1:12:52.
Gisele Gregorio 1:17:53.

John McCusker 1:21:47.
Terry Nations 1:07:41 finished his 26th Peachtree.

Rope Mill Half Marathon

June 15, 2013
Heidi Spaeth ran the Half with tough, hilly trails, as a training run to get back into trail running.  Heidi was 6th overall female, 1st in AG, 1st Master.

World's Hoppiest 5K
June 23, 2013
Saundra Naughton ran a 24:12 to wil 1st place in Age Group.  Holly Donaldson 27:15.  Bill Leahy 28:20.

Virginia Highlands Summer Fest 5k
June 1, 2013
Elena Zapico ran a 36:09, and Carmen Samanes a 37:56 on  hilly course.

Holly Springs 5K
May 25, 2013
Lynn Simmons PR'd.  YAY!  26:26.  First place in her age group.  The woman who came in 3rd in the Masters division passed her with about 0.4 miles to go.  Emma Simmons ran a 24:34 and got first in
her age group as well.  The course has some good hills on it.

Freight Train 5K
May 19, 2013
It was a rainy race on Sunday. It was very overcast right until 10 minutes or so before the scheduled start time, then it started raining; the start was delayed a few minutes due to lightning. Once the storm subsided a little bit, the race was underway. The results were:

Michael Wills: 23:22.10, 3rd place in the 35-39 age group
Eduardo Gregorio: 23:23.59, 2nd place in the 40-44 age group
Michael Griffin: 25:57.32
Gisele Gregorio: 33:56.97

Twisted Ankle Trail Half Marathon
May 18, 2013
Toni McAlister finished in 3:07:41, and Jeremy McAlister in 3:29:15.

Historic Roswell Spring 5k
May 18, 2013
Bill Leahy ran to a 55:31. Another age group 3rd place. 32nd of 99 runners. Bill is on a roll, winning A.G. awards in 4 straight races!

Pittsburgh Marathon
May 5, 2013
Jason Hitzeman finished in 4:56:34.

Flying Pig Marathon
May 5, 2013
Scott Hinkelmann finished in 6:11:18, a 1411 pace.
Maria Hinkelmann finished the Half Marathon in 2:48:56.

Fiesta 15K
May 4, 2013
On a cold and rainy morning Holly Donaldson won her age group in 1:24:21; Lucy Walsh finished 2nd AG 1:27:15; Bill Leahy 3rd AG 1:30:08; and Lynn Simmons 1:36:00.

5 mile Dwelling Dash
April 20, 2013
Bill Leahy won his age group in 54:03.

Battle of Alatoona Creek
April 13, 2013
9 mile trail run.  Bill Leahy took 3rd place 50-54, in 1:31:57.  Mike Griffin ran a 1:36:43.

Oak Barrel Run
April 6, 2013
Chuck Rainbow ran through the Tennessee countryside to a 2:10:18.

North Carolina Half
March 24, 2013
Chuck Rainbow ran through rain and puddles to a 2:07:50.

Berry Half Marathon
March 23, 2013
Mike Griffin was ready to run this, but the race was cancelled due to storms.

Publix Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon
March 17, 2013
An excellent morning for running, and some great times:

Toni McAlister 5:30:51
Jason Hitzeman 5:35:34
Scott Hinkelmann 5:47:21

Half Marathon
Eduardo Gregorio 1:56:46
Susan Guda 1:56:54
Holly Donaldson 1:57:28
Chuck Rainbow 2:09:32
Ken Donaldson 2:11:41
Lynn Simmons 2:12:51
Jim Murphy 2:19:08
Makenzie Donaldson 2:35:36
Maria Hinkelmann 2:38:40

5K in Paradise
March 10, 2013
Eduardo Gregorio ran a 23:05, second in his age group. 

Locomotive Half Marathon and 5K
February 17, 2013
Half Marathon: Eduardo Gregorio was in the on this very cold morning with wind chills at 17 degrees.  Eduardo finished in 1:48:57. 
5K: Mary Denson won her age group in 30:36.  John McCusker's first race walking since knee surgery was 50:47.

Mercedes Marathon
February 17, 2013 
Birmingham, AL

Saundra Naughton ran a 3:53:35 marathon, a 855 pace.
Scott Hinkelman was in Half Marathon and finished in 2:23:00, a 1055 pace.

Ocala Half Marathon
January 20, 2013
Cheryl Gans finished the Ocala Half Marathon in 2:03.17, 3rd in age group 45-49 and the 37th women overall. It was a nice race with well supported and frequent aid stations. The awards consisted on a metal for every finisher, and plaque and horse ribbon for 3 deep winners in each age group. The marathon was inpressive with the male and female winners about 1 minute apart. Nice temperatures and clear skies.

Museum of Aviation Marathon
January 19, 2013 - Warner Robbins
Heidi Spaeth ran to a 3rd place overall finish in the marathon with a time of 3:20:56, a 741 pace.  Terri Kirkman finish 1st the Masters Division with a time of 3:27:05, a 755 pace.

Zooma Half Marathon Amelia Island
January 19, 2013
Saundra Naughton takes 2nd place in the 40-44 age group, 10th Master, in 1:48:20 .  Amanda Duncan takes 3rd place in 35-39 age group, in 1:47:21.  Carrie Willbur finished in 2:14:38.

2013 Disney World Marathon Results
January 13, 2013
 Runner  Goofy Half  Marathon
 Chris Lee   4:22:24
Luis Velez   4:29:23
Jessica Ferrell   4:29:27
Jason Ferrell   4:29:28
Jonathan Kendall   4:35:37
Charles Rainbow  2:01:26 4:40:52
Jason Hitzeman  2:17:40 4:41:40
DeDe Wilbanks    4:45:56
Debbie Henderson  2:27:29 5:00:05
Lynn Simmons   5:00:23
Scott Hinkelmann  2:51:10 5:48:39
Holly Zinck  2:34:58 6:12:52

Foothills Running Club - 2nd Fastest Team in the World, runDisney Marathon National Running Club Challenge

Hot Chocolate 15K Results
January 12, 2013

Amanda Duncan 1:14:44
Saundra Naughton  1:15:08
Eduardo Gregorio 1:23:12
Bill Leahy 1:25:40
Holly Donaldson 1:29:32

Hot Chocolate 5K Results
Gisele Gregorio  39:57

Jacksonville Bank Marathon
December 16, 2012
Heidi Spaeth finishes in 3:28:13, a 757 pace; 3rd place in age group.

Jinge Jog 5K
December 8, 2012
Saundra Naughton won 3rd place all decked out for Christmas.

Carpet Capital 10 miler
December 8, 2012
Holly Donaldson wins 3rd place in Age Group with a time of 1:34:52, a 930 pace.  Bill Leahy finished in 1:29:09, an 856 pace.

Thanksgiving Half Marathon
November 22, 2012
Rocio Fabbrini finished her first Half marathon in 2:34:46.  Chuck Rainbow finished in 2:08:59.

MUST Gobble Jog 5K
November 22, 2012
Eduardo Gregorio 22:41, 5th in Age Group, Gisele Gregorio 36:34.

Grand Srand Turkey Trot 8K
November 22, 2012
Holly Zinck finished in 49:21.

Uptown Road Race
November 10, 2012
Holly Donaldson wins age group in 26:08.

Soldier Half Marathon
November 10, 2012
Heidi Spaeth won the Masters Division in 1:31:28, 4th overall.

Chickamauga Half Marathon
November 10, 2012
Terri Kirkman 1st Overall in 1:32:18.  Chuck Rainbow finished in 1:59:22.

Blankets Creek 10K
November 10, 2012
Bill Leahy ran to a 2nd place age group finish in 59:13.

Nashville Hard Rock Half Marathon
November 10, 2012
A long course of 13.25 miles, Joe Dollar finished in 1:30:01, otherwise passing the 13,1 mile mark in 1:28:56.

Disney Wine & Dine
November 10, 2012
Jennifer Troedel ran a 2:43:39.

Anything is Possible 5k
November 4, 2012
Saundra Naughton 2nd age group- 23:57, Nicole Parker 2nd in age group, 25:34; Bill Leahy 27:26, Holly Zinck 32:18.

Savannah Marathon
November 3, 2012
Toni and Jeremy McAlister ran their first marathon.  Toni 6:05:25 and Jeremy 6:05:25.

Xterra Battle at Big Creek Trail Run 5.5 miles
November 3, 2012
Bill Leahy took 4th place in age group after a big fall, 52:10.  Mary Denson won her age group after a big fall in 1:30:44.  Camilla Nordin finished safely in 1:30:44.

Atlanta Marathon Relay
October 28, 2012 - Atlantic Station
Cold, Windy, and Wet.

12th Foothills International  3:36:28
Rohan Wilson 38:53
Jessica Ferrell  1:10:10
Saundra Naughton  42:08
Mike Griffin  1:05:18

42nd Foothills Flash  3:57:55
Debbie Henderson  51:38
Nicole Parker 1:14:08
Lynn Simmons  48:49
Bill Leahy 1:03:22

44th Foothills 8 Feet Under  3:59:41
Holly Zinck  57:09
Chuck Rainbow 1:13:54
Ron Rollins  48:12
Eduardo Gregorio  1:00:28

45th Foothills Leftovers  4:00:37
Holly Donaldson  53:03
Jason Hitzeman  1:10:30
Jim Murphy 50:10
Kathryn 1:06:55

66th Atlanta International School  4:13:34
Camilla Nordin  59:44
Emily LeLachuer  1:17:36
Terri Harrington  1:01:09
Chris Anderson 54:54

Silver Comet Half Marathon
October 27, 2012
Heidi Spaeth nearly wins the Silver Comet Half Marathon - finishing in second place overall.  Heidi ran a 1:30:10, just 40 seconds from a PR.

Monster Dash Half Marathon and 10K
October 27, 2012
Chuck Rainbow ran this new half marathon in a frightening 2:02:56.  Jennifer Troedel ran a scary 1:12:56.

Detroit Free Press Half Marathon
October 21, 2012
Terri Kirkman wins the Masters Division in 1:31:09, a 658 pace.  12th female overall.

13.1 Atlanta
October 17, 2012
Chuck Rainbow ran a 1:57:12, followed by Lynn Simmons 2:09:01, Debbie Henderson 2:09:11, Camilla Nordin 2:38:36.

Race for the Fallen - Half Marathon
Heidi Spaeth 1st place woman - 5th overall
Red Top Mountain - September 15, 2012
Heidi Spaeth on her way to winning the Half Marathon in 1:43:14, leaving her nearest competitior 9 minutes behind.  Heidi finished 5th overall.  Heidi went into the race, just as a long training run, not knowing what to expect and just enjoyed the trail running. 

Asheville Half Marathon
September 15, 2012
Eduardo Gregorio ran the Asheville Citizen-Times Half-Marathon. There was quite a bit of fog at the start, but it was a cool morning, 2:10:30.

Talladega Half Marathon
September 16, 2012
    You might want to put this race on your radar for next fall. Chuck Rainbow ran it and found it to be a delightful small race. There were between 800-900 runners. The route was on and around the track. Very well supported. Enough water and Gatorade was available on the course as well as GU. It was a very fast field. At 2:02:00, Chuck was 300 in the entire field, 17/45 for his age group. It was one of the best post race experiences: They had Nick ‘N Jim’s with a couple of choices of the sandwich. Lots of free beer. But the best part is they printed out your results shortly after you finished the race. It was on a sticky name badge that you could paste on the back of your bib. A third party had set up a tent on curve two and was handing out small cups of beer. Rather humorous.
    The night before they had a dinner for a small charge. Bill Rodgers was there. Chuck got really lucky and he sat down at the table Chuck was at and chatted for about an hour and a half. What a great guy.  Bill is still fast. He won the Masters with a 1:40 something.  

Disneyland Half Marathon
September 2, 2012
Chuck Rainbow had a good race with 17K+ runners, with 14.8K finishers. Chuck finished in 2:03:32, with consistent mile splits, 5K 29:12, 10K 57:57, 15K 1:26:45.  A very twisty course for the first 4 miles. Nice weather, no humidity at all.

Alien Half Marathon
August 18, 2012
Interesting happenings at the race.  Bill Leahy aged 1 year for every mile, finishing in the 65-69 age group with a time of 2:19:44.  Holly Zinck finished in 2:57:38 after John McCusker was abducted by Aliens.  Speaking of abductions, Jason Hitzeman was last seen at mile 7.  Let us know if you see him, or the several missing water stations the Aliens abducted.  Allowed to finish in total darkness was Chuck Rainbow in 2:31:05, Lynn Simmons 2:28:21, Debbie Henderson 2:16:28.  On the course was Joe Dollar 1:44:00, and Rob Dooley 1:42:45.  Jim Murphy 2:47:20 was later found.

Old Soldiers Run 5K
August 4, 2012
Holly Zinck and Camilla Nordin were in the mix at the Old Soldiers 5K.  Holly finished in 30:07 and Camilla in 29:28.

Georgia Games Trail Run
July 14, 2012
Bill Leahy is a Georgia Games SIlver Medalist for his age group, by running a tough 6.25 mile course at Old Rope mill Park.   Bill Ran a 1:03:39. 

Dahlonega Firecracker 10K

July 4, 2012
Heidi Spaeth Wins! the Dahlonega Firecracker 10K in 43:47, a 702 pace, on a 3 mile uphill finish course.

Peachtree Road Race
July 4, 2012
Terri Kirkman was in the mix with World class and former Olympians as she cross the finished line in 42:49, 8th in her age group, 16th in the Masters Division.

For Terry Nations, this made his 25th Peachtee, and for Frank Weatherby his 24th Peachtree!

Also in the race were:
Jessica Ferrell 53:40
Ron Rollins 56:14
Chuck Rainbow 57:12
Eduardo Gregorio 59:41
Mike Griffin 1:03:09
Terry Nations 1:07:33
Scott Hinkelmann 1:09:19
John McCusker 1:11:55
Sandy Beecham 1:19:55

Woodstock Freedom Run 5K
July 4, 2012
7 year old Emily Zinck ran a 32:08, finishing 2nd in her age group, 10 and under.  This was Emily's first 5K.
Also at the race was, Valerie Kononen 30:17, Toni McAlister 33:22, Jeremy McAlister 31:00, Jason Hitzeman.

Downhill at Dawn Half Marathon
June 2, 2012  Black Mountain, NC
Heidi Spaeth took 2nd place overall, 1st in the Masters, running a 1:29:15, a 648 pace.


Mountain Goat Trail Races
May 27, 2012 - Boling Park
Bill Leahy finished in 3rd place in his age group on this 4.83 mile trail run.  Aaron Higginbottom was in the 10 mile trail run.

Derby Dash 5K
May 5, 2012
Terri Kirkman Wins! the Derby Dash 5K in 19:45 a 623 pace.  Courtney Bayer finishes in 35:19.

Kentucky Derby Half Marathon
April 28, 2012
After trying to break 1:30:00 in the half for over a year, Heidi Spaeth has done it with a 1:29:47 a 652 pace.  She was the Top 100 Female in 27th place.

Lynn Simmons, miss Alabama, Holly Donaldson,Suzy Favor Hamilton, & John McCusker

Country Music Half Marathon
April 28, 2012 - Nashville
 Runner 5K 10K Pace Time
Lynn Simmons 29:40 1:01:27 1034 2:18:20
Holly Donaldson 31:48 1:06:31 1123 2:29:09
Mary Denson 37:23 1:12:42 1125 2:29:32
Jennifer Troedel 32:45 1:10:27 1255 2:49:12
John McCusker 35:14 1:12:54 1402 3:03:47

Oakley and Amanda at Boston

Boston Marathon
April 16, 2012
Oakley Harrison finished in 3:25:35, and Amanda Duncan finished in 4:43:15.

Publix Georgia Half Marathon
March 18, 2012
2:04:45 Chuck Rainbow
2:05:11 Debbie Henderson
2:14:35 Jim Murphy
2:15:27 Lynn Simmons
2:25:36 Susan Guda
2:25:45 John McCusker
2:36:03 Stephanie Reid
2:29:01 Mary Denson
2:41:48 Holly Zinck
3:09:50 Holly Donaldson
3:09:50 Makenzie Donaldson

ShamrockN' Roll 5K
March 10, 2012
John McCusker finished in 33:26.

Silver Comet 10K
March 10, 2012
In a very competitive 10K, Terri Kirkman finished 3rd in the Masters Division in 41:24 A 641 pace.  Working with Terri was Heidi Spaeth finishing 3rd in her age group in 41:46 a 641 pace.

Seaside Half Marathon
March 4, 2012
Enjoying a nice vacation, Holly Zinck and Bill Leahy finished in 2:44:06.

Running Journal
If you happen to be reading the March 2012 edition of Running Journal be sure to look for a photo of John McCusker on page 28, for USATF's 2011 Phidippides Award Winners. 

Augusta Half Marathon
February 27, 2012
Amanda Duncan ran a 746 pace, a 1:41:40.

Run the Reagan
February 18, 2012
Heidi Spaeth wins the Women's Masters Overall with a 1:33:53 on a challenging out and back course.

Berry Half Marathon
February 18, 2012
Terri Kirkman wins age group 40-44 in 1:36:52 a 724 pace.  Terri can through the first 10K in 43:40.

Mercedes-Benz Half Marathon
February 12, 2012 - Birmingham, AL
Cold, windy temperatures, and icy roads.  Charles Rainbow ran a 1:59:39, a 908 pace, and Holly Zinck a 2:32:19 a 1138 pace.

Chattahoochee Challenge 10K
February 11, 2012
Terri Kirkman wins Overall Women's Master Division.  Terri ran a 6:52 pace, to finish in 42:36.

Mardi Gras 5K
February 11, 2012
Susan Guda won 3rd place in her age group 40-44 with a 27:32.  Mackenzie Donaldson won 3rd place in her age group 11-14, with 33:52, and Holly Donaldson ran a 29:04.

ATC Heart & Soles 5K
February 11, 2012
Lynn Simmons leads the Foothills runners to the finish line in 27:20, followed by John McCusker 27:42, Camilla Nordin 27:42, and Daniel Baker's first race 36:43.

Casey Zeller and John McCusker
Foothills Welcomes Casey Zeller 
Feb 2, 2012
Casey Zeller is one of the top athletes in the US in the  400m Hurdles, with hopes to qualify for the US Olympic Trials, and make the 2012 US Olympic Team for London.  Casey's goal is to run 55 seconds for the 400m Hurdles.  We will update you on her progress on her road to the Olympics.

Recently, Casey visited Altanta International School, and spoke to the students of the PE classes about running, and hopes to return and to help coach them.  The kids were excited to see her and will be "watching her on TV." 

Terri Kirkman
Polar Bear 5K
Jan 28, 2012
Terri Kirkman wins Master's Division in 20:20.

Susan G Komen 5k
Jan 28, 2012  Boca, FL
Heidi Spaeth takes 3rd place in the Master's Division in 20:46.

Disney Marathon & Goofy Challenge
January 8, 2012
Charles Rainbow finished in 4:17:10, a 949 pace.  Holly Zinck finished in 5:49:28, a 1320 pace.  Scott Hinkelman 5:33:33 a 1243 pace.  Scott finished the Disney Half Marathon yesterday in 3:01:20, a 1350 pace, and will be awarded the Goofy Medal for running 39.3 miles in two days.

PT Solutions Resolution Run 10K
January 1, 2012
Bill Leahy ran the first race of the year in 55:22, setting a new PR.

Holly Zinck, Debbie Henderson, Holly Donaldson, and Lynn Simmons at Christmas Eve Group Run

Christmas Season at Foothills
The Chritmas Season started with the 15th Annual Foothills Christmas Gathering at the President's house.  15,100 lights guided Club members to the event, where they shared stories, had a great time, and are looking forward to 2012.  The Christmas Eve Group run had a turnout of 10 Foothills runners, with some new ones.

Milner Document Products to help sponsor Foothills Christmas Gathering
December 8, 2011
Roy Wronker of Milner Documents Products is a fan of the Foothills Running Club and to use a play on the Milner jingle, "we know what runners go through," he has offered to provide the food trays from Publix at our upcoming Christmas Gathering.  Roy has been monitoring the Foothills activities and is impressed by all the accomplishments we have attained in 2011, and happy to be a part of our club.  Roy wishes all the members of the Foothills Running Club a Merry Christmas and is looking forward to your 2012 accomplishments. 

Atlanta Half Marathon
November 24, 2011
A cold morning that quickly warmed up by the finish. 
Holly Zinck ran a 2:23:20, just shy of a PR.  On the injured list, Camilla Nordin walked a 2:53:21, and John McCusker 2:53:21.

Chickamauga Battlefield Half Marathon
November 12, 2011
Terri Kirkman takes 2nd Overall - Female with a time of 1:33:11, a 707 pace.  1st in Age Group 35-39.  This was a 6 minute PR for Terri; by running her splits evenly over the course.  Heidi Spaeth won her age group 40-44 with a 1:35:51, a 717 pace. 

Rock 'n' Roll Savannah
November 5, 2011
3:35:11  Joe Dollar
3:37:15  Amanda Duncan
3:53:36  Jason Lathbury
4:08:43  Tony Dicks
4:17:36  Craig Jordan
4:23:15  Saundra Naughton
4:40:25  Debbie Henderson
4:46:27  Nathan Smith
5:03:07  Holly Donaldson
5:17:48  Lynn Simmons
5:44:36  Ken Donaldson
5:45:56  Holly Zinck
6:30:11  Mike Madsen

Half Marathon:
2:14:41  Jason Hitzeman
2:16:23  John McCusker

New York City Marathon
November 6, 2011
Marlene Atwood, 61, 5:02:53.

Atlanta Marathon Relay
October 30, 2011
Foothills A
Camilla Nordin, John McCusker, Holly Donaldson, Edmund Magras 4:13:56
Foothills B
Lynn Simmons, Jim Murphy, Holly Zinck, Bill Leahy 4:19:12.

Silver Comet Half Marathon
October 29, 2011
Dennis Kelly, 1:29:12.  21st Overall, 4th in age group.  Scott Hinkelman 2:06:57.

Oktoberfest Ram Run 5K
October 22, 2011
Scott Hinkelman 25:13

YMCA Fall Classic
October 15, 2011
10K Dennis Kelly 40:54, 8th Overall, 1st in Age Group;  Jason Hitzeman 48:37; Edmund Magras 51:13 2nd in Age Group.
5K Mitch Novy 17:07 2nd Overall;  Bill Leahy 25:46, 2nd in Age Group;  John McCusker 26:46, 3rd in Age Group. 

Chicago Marathon
October 9, 2011
Jim Murphy, half in 2:27:07, and finishes in 5:37:14.  Jordan Otto, half at 2:04:37, and finishes in 4:47:40.

Apple Festival 5K
October 8, 2011
Bill Leahy took 3rd place in his age group with a time of 26:02.

13.1 Atlanta
October 2, 2011
Edmund Magras 1:56:49, Lynn Simmons 2:08:40, Debbie Henderson 2:12:19, John McCusker 2:16: 29, Holly Donaldson 2:20:18, Susan Guda 2:23:00, Holly Zinck 2:25:38.  

Marble Festival 5K
October 1, 2011
Bill Leahy 26:12

KP Corporate Challenge 5K
September 8, 2011
Representing Atlanta International School, John McCusker took 2nd place OA in his school with 25:49;  Camilla Nordin took 1st place women (3rd Overall) with 26:15.

Hickory Flat Out 5K
September 5, 2011
Mitch Novy took 2nd place, 1st in AG with a 17:22.  Edmund Magras finish 4th in AG with 23:50. 

Atlanta Labor Day 10K
September 5, 2011
The first 5K was a fast, the second 5K as a rough course.  Overcoming the organizational challenges and the on-course challenges, Holly Zinck took 3rd place AG in 1:04:05, and Lynn Simmons 3rd place AG in 1:01:27.

Virginia Beach Half Marathon
September 4, 2011
Jason Hitzeman 1:46:13.  Holly Donaldson 2:21:20.

John McCusker Receives USATF's
2011 Gold Phidippides Award
August 29, 2011
John McCusker was awarded the 2011 Gold Phidippides Award from USATF, for Outstanding Performance and Endurance in Long Distance Running.
John earned the award by running the Disney Marathon, ING Miami Half, Chattahoochee Challenge 10K, Publix Georgia Half, Chickamauga Chase 15K, Peachtree Road Race, and the World Master's Athletic Championship Marathon.

Edmund Magras
Old Soldiers Run 5K & 10K
Alpharetta, GA
August 6, 2011

Camilla Nordin in her first race, ran an 835 pace to finish in 26:41, and taking second place in her age group 25-29.  John McCusker ran an 835 pace, finishing in 26:42, fastest time in 6 years.  Edmund Magras was in the 10K finishing in 55:38.

World Master Athletics Championship
Sacramento, CA
July 17, 2011

Bringing the largest contingent ever to the World Masters Athletics Championships, 1,915 members of Team USA was on a medal hunt to excel on home soil while competing against 4,804 competitors from 93 countries.

This event was the top worldwide competition for
athletes 35+ in track and field. Competition ran at Hornet Stadium on the campus of Sacramento State University.

In the marathon, John McCusker represented the USA on on the USATF's Team USA.  "Just the honor of wearing the USA uniform was enough, then being on the world stage is when it all hit me.  The support from the Team USA staff, and the Team USA athletes during the race was incredible."  John ran a 4:59:22, his fastest time since returning to marathoning in Ocotber 2010.  He finished in 214 overall in the world, 31st in his age group in the world, and the top 10 US marathoner in his age group.

Also running at the WMA was John's friend, Sonja Friend-Uhl, taking home 2 gold medals in the 800m (2:10) and 1500m (4:28).

Lynn Simmons and Craig finishing in an hour.
Peachtree Road Race
July 4, 2011
Rohan Wilson 41:15, Terri Kirkman 44:19, John McCusker 58:31, Debbie Henderson 58:57, Lynn Simmons 1:00:01, Craig Jordan 1:00:01, Susan Guda 1:00:12, Holly Zinck 1:03:19, Ron Rollins 1:02:34, Basie Wilson 1:19:53.

Firecracker 10K
July 4, 2011
Scott Hinkelman 1:00:44

Rock N Roll Seattle
June 25, 2011
Joe Dollar finishes in 3:20:00.

Atlanta Memorial Mile
May 30, 2011
Emily Zinck 10:09, Holly Zinck 7:54. 

Holly Springs 5k
May 28, 2011
Saundra Naughton 22:58, Lynn Simmons 27:16, Debbie Henderson 27:17, Bertice Muddiman 37:20.

Celebrate America 10K
May 28, 2011
Saundra Naughton 49:28, Edmund Magras 50:51.

Freight Train 5 Miler
May 21, 2011
Holly Zinck 47:36.

Fargo Marathon
May 21, 2011
Jason Hitzeman finishes in 3:56:43.

Foothills Runners at Derby Dash 5K

Duncan and Wilson win Derby Dash
May 7, 2012
On a hilly course, Amanda Duncan was the overall female winner with a time of 23:10 a 728 pace.  Rohan Wilson was the overall male winner with a time of 19:53 a 624 pace.  Valerie Kononem 3rd 30-34 29:49; Saundra Naughton 1st 35-39, 23:27, Holly Zinck 2nd 35-39, 28:01, Jason Hitzeman, 2nd 35-39, 22:23; Lynn Simmons 1st 40-44, 27:00; Debbie Henderson, 1st 45-49, 27:42; Edmund Magras 1st, 45-49, 24:45; Craig Jordan, 2nd 45-49, 25:13; John McCusker 2nd, 50-54 27:07; Bertice Muddiman 1st, 70+, 37:04. Thank you Bill Leahy for the photos.

2011 Boston Marathon
April 18, 2011
Heidi Spaeth came flying through the half in 1:37:55 and finished in 3:36:03 an 815 pace, and qualified for Boston 2012.  Terri Kirkman recovering from injury, still managed to turn out a fast 4:04:04, a 919 pace.
Chickamauga Chase 15K
April 16, 2011
Jason Hitzeman led the way with 1:09:53.  Edmund Magras 1:20:05, and John McCusker 1:35:48.

Rumpshaker 5K
March 26, 2011  Birmingham, AL
Jeff Wyke ran his first 5k in 42:35 a 1343 pace.  There were 2597 entrants in this 5K.

Publix Georgia Half Marathon
March 19, 2011

It was perfect running weather for this race.  
Joe Dollar 1:33:59, Stefan Biedemann 1:42:34, Terri Kirkman 1:49:45, Wes McKean 1:52:11, Craig Jordan 1:57:44, Edmund Magras 2:00:01, Debbie Henderson 2:05:38, Amanda Duncan 2:09:15, John McCusker 2:16:10, Josh Hudson 2:17:48, Holly Zinck 2:18:29, Lucy Walsh 2:18:38, Nicole Shaub 2:19:53, Lynn Simmons 2:20:20, Holly Donaldson 2:27:43, Ken Donaldson 2:27:55, Susan Guda 2:42:54, Jennifer Bardeen 3:25:58.

Berry Half Marathon
March 5, 2011
A wet morning for the half marathon, however, most of the rain held off but roads were muddy.  Debbie Henderson ran a 958 pace and in 2:10:26.  Holly Donaldson and Lynn Simmons both finished in a 1011 pace, with 2:13:24; followed by Holly Zinck at an 1142 pace in 2:33:15.  Jason Hitzeman came across the line at 1:42:39 a 751 pace, followed by Mike Madson 2:38:41 a 1207 pace.

Chattahoochee Challenge 10K
February 12, 2011
Amanda Duncan led the way with a 44:52, followed by Debbie Henderson 56:20, Lynn Simmons 56:49, and Holly Donaldson 1:01:25.  Aaron Higginbotham 51:20, Craig Jordan 54:31, John McCusker 58:21.

Mercedes Half Marathon
February 13, 2011 - Birmingham, AL
Joe Dollar ran a 1:33:30 for the Half, a 709 pace.

ING Miami Half Marathon
January 30, 2011
While most of the nation was under a deep freeze and snow storms, it was a nice 81 degrees in Miami for the ING Half Marathon.  John McCusker finished in 2:14:17, and Sue McCusker in 2:32:24.

Disney Marathon
January 9, 2011
With an early rise of 3:00am and getting to Epcot by 4:00 am, and a cold dark 1 mile walk to the starting corrals by 5:00am, this accomendated the 17,500 runners that started the race.  With wave starts, large screen TVs and fireworks for each corral starting at 5:30am, built the excitement for Holly Zinck and John McCusker.  Running through all 4 theme parks within one day is a task, but every step of the way there was music, entertainment, cheering fans, and plenty of places to stop for photo opportunities on this pancake flat course.  Holly Zinck finished in 5:25:02 and John McCusker 6:07:55 each taking home a large Mickey heavy medal.  Jeff Wyke bought the Cheering Squad package and was along the course cheering on Holly and John.  Marlene Atwood was also on the course cheering them on.  Marathoners were also given a free one-day pass to any theme park on Monday. 

Kiawah Island Marathon
December 11, 2010
Amanda Duncan finishes 3rd in her age group 35-39, with a time of 3:33:14.  She also qualified for the Boston Marathon.

Atlanta Half Marathon
November 25, 2010
Much to a lot of runners surprise, it was a great course; challenging, but not exhausing, and scenic.  Edmund Magras ran a 2:02:55, Ron Rollins 2:17:07, John McCusker 2:19:55, and Holly Zinck 2:23:33.

Chickamauga Marathon
November 13, 2010
Saundra Naughton took 30 minutes off her previous marathon time, finishing in 3:52:33.

Silver Comet Half
October 30, 2010
Heidi Spaeth won her age group 35-39, with a time of 1:32:04.  Bill Leahy set another PR with a time of 1:55:22.

October 16, 2010
More information coming soon.

Chicago Marathon
10-10-10 The Date to Motivate
A great day to run a marathon, excellent race support and motivation.  7 days before the marathon, John McCusker nearly broke his foot and was in a cast until 3 days before the event.  He finished in 5:37:26.

13.1 Atlanta
October 3, 2010
A chilly morining and a race with tough uphills and downhils, but no flats; Saundra Naughton led the way with a time of 1:49:55.  Followed by Bill Leahy 1:59:45 PR, Lucy Walsh 2:10:20, Debbie Henderson 2:12:20, Lynn Simmons 2:18:29, and Holly Zinck 2:25:29.  John McCusker was in a cast.

Maui Half Marathon
September 19, 2010
Holly Donaldson finished this race in 2:21:56, a 1050 pace.

Rochester Half Marathon
Rochester, NY
September 12, 2010
Lynn Simmons finished this flat race in 2:14:18, running along the Erie Canal Path.

Vinings Downhill 5K
September 11, 2010
This fast 5K course begins at the top of Mt. Wilkerson in Vinings, winds around the Cumberland Mall area, and ends at the Chattahoochee River Park (330-foot net drop).Terri Kirkman, after running uphill in the US 10K Classic, decided to give a downhill race a try.  Terri finished 1st her age group with a time of 19:39, a 619 pace.  Mitch Novy also flew down the hill in 16:22, 1st in his age group, with a 5:16 pace.

US10K Classic
September 6, 2010
In this up hill race, Terri Kirkman took 3rd place in her age group (30-39) with a time of 44:26.  Heidi Spaeth was 6th the age group with a time of 44:53.  Ellen Smith 1:10:57 and Shannon Casajuana 1:21:20 also took on this challenging course.

Old Solider's 10K
August 7, 2010
Saundra Naughton took 3rd place with a time of 47:47, on this 2 lap course.  Bertice Muddiman took 1st place in her age group with 1:01:14.  Edmund Magras finished in 51:18. 

Peachtree Road Race
July 3, 2010
Rohan Wilson led the way with a 39:47.  Scott Trott 40:01, Terri Kirkman 43:40, John McCusker 54:26, Jamey Baker 56:22, Holly Zinck 57:46, Holly Donaldson 1:05:35, and Sandy Beecham 1:18:34 were in the race.  
Woodstock Freedom Run 5K
July 3, 2010
A flat course through Main Street in Woodstock.  With a cool morning Lynn Simmons took 2nd place in her age group with a time of 27:47.  Holly Zinck ran a 27:40, Debbie Henderson ran a 28:24.  Bertice Muddiman was also in the race.  We are awaiting more results.  In the Tot Trot were Emily & Claire Zinck

Possum Trot 10K
June 19, 2010
A flat course along the Chattahoochee River, Joe Dollar took 2nd place in his age group with a 43:17.  Bertice Muddiman took 1st place in her age group with 1:17:03.  Holly Zinck ran to a 58:16; Lynn SImmons with 1:03:43 and John McCusker with a 1:06:06.

River Green Run 5K
May 8, 2010
David Lloyd ran away from the field to win the River Green Run for the second time, with a time of 17:12. The Female 35-39 age group was highly competitive.  Heidi Spaeth won the age group in 20:21.  Terri Kirkman finished in 3rd, 20:38.  Saundra Naughton finished in 5th, 22:28, and Holly Donaldson in 29:32.  Lynn Simmons finished in 29:52.  In the 50-54 age group, John McCusker moved into 1st place in the last 1/2 mile to win the age group, 26:47.  Robert Frost was close him with a 26:51.  Tim Giles won his age group 70-74, with a 32:23.

Chickamauga Chase 15K
April 17, 2010
Terri Kirkman finishes 2nd overall in 1:08:41, a 722 pace; also winning her age group.  Edmund Magras ran a 1:20:41 a 839 pace; and John McCusker finishing in 1:30:40, a 943 pace.

Terri Kirkman lends support to Age Group winner Heidi Spaeth after taking a hard fall.

Dirty Spokes 4.5 Mile Trail Run
April 3, 2010
Holding in 3rd place after the first mile, Heidi Spaeth entered the Boling Park trails.  Along her way she encounter a stream crossing, getting her shoes soaked and muddy; then a few good 'cliffs' to go up.  On the last section of the trails, Heidi took a hard fall and lost her sun glasses as they rolled down the hill.  Heidi, scraped up and bleeding, picked herself up and ran to the finish line in 4th place for women, 1st in her age group. Her time was 41:52, a 918 pace.

Run for the Children
Canton, GA
March 27, 2010
Terri Kirkman took 3rd place overall, in a time of 21:14, 1st in age group.  Heidi Spaeth in the same age group, took second with a time fo 21:20.  Dennis Kelly took 2nd place overall with a time of 19:23.  Ron Rollins had a time of 24:10.  And Bertice Muddiman was in the field, winning her age group.

ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon
March 21, 2010
The marathon consisted of chilly, rainy conditions.  Edmund Magras finished his first Marathon in 4:30:56 a 1051 pace; he ran the first half in 2:05:55.  Bill Leahy finished his first marathon in 5:08:29, a 1147 pace; completing the the first half in 2:14:48.  Ron Rollins fished in 4:55:49, a 1118 pace, the first half in 2:18:47.

Half Marathon
Saundra Naughton
came across the finish line in 1:54:34 setting a PR.  Holly Donaldson had to switch from the Marathon to the Half Marathon due to achilles injury, and ran a 2:32:17.  Ken Donaldson running with Holly finished in 2:32:43.

Snickers Marathon
March 6, 2010
Heidi Spaeth wins her age group 35-39, with a time of 3:15:55; a 729 pace.  Her halfs were in 1:35:43 and 1:40:13.  She also set a new PR beating her old time by nearly 7 minutes. 
Terri Kirkman finished second in her age group 35-39, with a time of 3:26:03, a 752 pace.  Her Halfs were 1:37:38 and 1:48:20.  Terri has also has qualified for the Boston Marathon running well under the 3:45:00 standard.
Joe Dollar finished 5th in his age group 25-29, in 3:14:52, running evenly paced with the first half in 1:35:09, and the second in 1:39:43. 
Brian Barnhill in his first marathon, finished in 4:57:42, an 1126 pace.  His Halfs were 2:20:36 and 2:37:06.

Berry Half Marathon
March 6, 2010
Saundra Naughton finished 6th in her age group with a time of 1:55:54, an 851 pace.

Live.Love.Laura 5K
March 6, 2010.
Mitch Novy won this 5k event in 16:30.  The Donaldson's were in full force: Cade 9, finished in 30:07, followed by his father Ken and sister MackenzieHolly was assisting a student race director. 
All money raised at this event went to Laura, a Woodstock student battling cancer, undergoing extensive treatments

ING Miami Marathon and Half Marathon
January 31, 2010
Holly Donaldson was injuried before the marathon with torn achilles and it became questionable where or not she was to run the full marathon.  Holly went on to finish the marathon in 5:34:04.  Ken Donaldson was in the Half and finished in 2:39:26.

Jacksonville Bank Marathon
December 20, 2009
Heidi Spaeth Wins her age group with at time of 3:22:52.   Heidi came through the first Half in 1:38:25, and the 2nd Half in 1:54:27.  Heidi also Qualified for the Boston Marathon by running well under the 3:45 qualifing time.
Joe Dollar ran a 3:22:26, passing the first Half in 1:38:25. 

Atlanta Marathon
November 26, 2009
Saundra Naughton ran this challenging course on a cold day to finish in 4:22:43.

Atlanta Half Marathon
November 26, 2009
Edmund Magras led the way with a 1:54:14, followed by Bill Leahy 2:03:50, Holly Donaldson 2:17:05, John McCusker 2:23:33, Holly Zinck 2:26:45, and Valerie Kononen 2:28:47.

Bartram Forest Winter Trail 50K
November 26, 2009
Brandie Unterreiner ran this 31.5 mile trail run in 6:19:05.

Chickamauga Battlefield Half Marathon and Marathon
Heidi Spaeth and Terri Kirkman take 3rd & 4th Overall and 2nd and 3rd in their Age Group in the Half Marathon
Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Saturday, November 14, 2009

It was a chilly, but comfortable moring to run this one loop certified course around the Civil War Battlefield.  The course had rolling hills, and excellent stretches to run on, but a few spots of gravel, banked streets, and what felt like a long 3 mile incline to the finish.

Heidi Spaeth charged through the course and finished 3rd overall and in 2nd place in the 35-39 age group with a time of 1:38:51, a 733 pace.  Terri Kirkman who was pacing with Heidi came in 4th overall and 3rd place in the 35-39 age group with a time of 1:39:07, a 735 pace.  There were 74 runners in their age group.  They missed winning the group by 1 minute 55 seconds, and winning the race by 5 minutes.

Also in the Half was Edmund Magras, finishing in 12th place (45-49) in 1:54:47 an 847 pace.  Marie Hubbard finished in 24th place (45-49) in 2:13:24, a 1018 pace.  John McCusker finishing in 23rd place (50-54) in 2:18:07 a 1039 pace.

In the Marathon, which was two loops of the Half Marathon course, Joe Dollar finished 6th in his age group (25-29) in 3:22:11 a 743 pace.

Zooma Marathon
November 8, 2009
Holly Zinck
joined 716 women in this challenging and well organized Half Marathon.  Holly finished in 2:33:33 in 128th place AG.

Silver Comet Half Marathon
October 31, 2009
Makenzie Donaldson in her first Half Marathon finished in 2nd place in her 14-under Age Group in 3:14:03.

Fast Pace 10K
October 24, 2009
Holly Zinck finished in 14th place in her AG with a time of 59:30.

YMCA Fall Classic 10K
Foothills' David Lloyd Wins 10K Race
Terri Kirkman takes 2nd Overall 10K Female

October 17, 2009
David Lloyd, running in his first 10K, was in third place as they rounded the turn onto the big hill 1.5 mi hill.  He moved up to 2nd place and was hoping the 2nd place competitor would join in and pace each other to catch the runner in front of them, but this did not happen.  Dave eventually caught the first place runner on the downhill turning out some 5 something miles.  He then led the rest of the way, pulling further away from the field, smiling all the way to the finish, running relaxed.  Dave won the race in 38:39, and in addition to the trophy, Dave won a pair of Mizuno running shoes, and a $50 gift certificate from Dick's. 
Rob Dooley finished 1st in his age group in 44:59.    Edmund Magras finished in 50:46, 3rd in age group.  Bill Leahy finished in 55:42 PR.  
In the women's race Terri Kirkman was the 2nd overall female with a time of 45:20, setting a PR on this very demanding course.  Terri was just 2 minutes out of first.

YMCA Fall Classic 5K

Mitch Novy Wins 5K Race 
In the 5K, Mitch Novy won the 5K in 16:39.  John McCusker finished in 28:03, and Tim Giles finished in 32:29, 1st in his age group.

Apple Festival 5K
October 10, 2009 - Ellijay
A two loop course around Ellijay; John McCusker continues to improve his 5K time, finishing in 27:42.

Locomotive Half Marathon
October 3, 2009 - Kennesaw
Bill Leahy ran to a 2:04:29PR in this first annual event held in the Cobb Place area.

Dragon Dash 5K
September 27, 2009 - Jasper
On a beautiful afternoon for running, but with a challenging course, John McCusker 28:29, and Tim Giles 32:55 each won their age group.

United 5K
September 12, 2009 - Cumming
Holly Zinck ran in heavy rain to a time of 29:21 on a great course.
Corporate Challenge 5K
September 10, 2009
John McCusker to a 29:03 5k, on a cool evening and hilly course.

Etowah River Run 5K
July 25, 2009
The race offers a combination of road race and cross country.  David Lloyd led the way with 16:39, followed by Joe Dollar 19:55, Terri Kirkman 21:37, Connor Frost 22:43, Ron Rollins 25:30, Bob Frost 27:43, Amanda Cera 30:01, John McCusker 34:00, Tim Giles 34:03, and Bertice Muddiman 33:45.

Peachtree Road Race 10K
July 4, 2009
A great morning for running with 55000 people.  Terri Kirkman 47:20, Rebecca Sanders 55:01, Amanda Cera 1:08:50, Terry Nations 1:03:16, and Basie Wilson 1:13:04.

Woodstock Freedom Run 5K
July 4, 2009
Fast times on this flat course.  Dennis Kelly 18:23, Joe Dollar 18:55, Edmund Magras 22:40, and Bertice Muddiman 33:19.

Possum Trot 10K
May 30, 2009
Joe Dollar led the way for the Club, finishing this 10K in 41:51.  Edmond Magras 48:52; Cori Watts 54:47; Dave Johnson 54:52; Michelle Hibbert 57:38; and John McCusker 1:05:48.  There is a possibility that the course was 6.33 miles, at least that what several Garmins measured it at; thereby, you can subtract 50 seconds from the race results if this is the case. 

Sweet H2O 50K Traill Run
May 30, 2009
The SweetH2O 50K Trail Run at Sweetwater Creek State Park offers winding, moderately difficult trails in and around the park, following the lovely rapids of Sweetwater Creek, and venturing past Civil War-era textile mill ruins.  This 50k crosses the Sweetwater Creek twice - you WILL get wet. (but that's the extra fun part!) according to race organizers.  Brandie Unterreiner finished 4th in her age group in 8:25:18.

Mayor's Challenge 10K
May 16, 2009
Edmund Margas finished in a PR in 49:50.

River Green Run 5K
May 9, 2009

David Lloyd wins the River Green Run in 17:30, followed by Dennis Kelly in 3rd place in 19:35, 1st AG.  Dave Johnson 21:50, 3rd AG; Jason Hitzeman, 21:59, 3rd AG; Cori Watts, 26:14, 3rd AG; Bill Leahy 27:13; and John McCusker, 30:28.

Rohan Wilson, Basie Wilson, Holly Donaldson and Edmund Magras

ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon
March 29, 2009

It was a cold morning at the start and got even colder by the time the race ended.  Dispite the cold, Foothills Runners joined 15,000 other runners.  Here are the race results:
Enrique Sanchez Finished in 11th place in the Marathon - 10th overall in 2:42:31.
In the Half Marathon:
Jason Hitzeman         1:51:05
Edmund Magras        1:56:00
Ron Rollins                 2:00:25
Holly Donaldson        2:05:38
Terry Nations              2:14:59
Nicole Shaub              2:30:37
Lori Jones                   2:31:52
Basie Wilson              2:40:43

National Marathon and Half Marathon
March 21, 2009
Lewis Santoni finishes in 9th place in the Half Marathon with a 1:37:01, a 724 pace. 
Cori Watts finished her first marathon in 4:31:51, a 1023 pace.  Her Half times were 2:05:01 and 2:26:50. 
Dave Johnson ran a 4:08:08, with 1:56:25 and 2:11:45 halfs.


Shamrock n' Roll 5K & 10K
March 14, 2009.  Makenzie Donaldson ran the 10K in 1:16:50.  Joe Dollar ran both the 5K and 10k in 21:09 and 45:01, on this wet rainy morning.

Berry College Half and 10K
March 7, 2009  Holly Donaldson ran a 2:09:08 in the Half Marathon.  Jason did the 10K in 51:14 and Bill Leahy 59:32.

A Step At A Time 5K
February 22, 2009.  Dennis Kelly took 1st place overall with a time of 19:18 in Carrollton.

Mercedes Half Marathon

February 15, 2009

Becca Sanders got a PR on this relatively flat course, with a 1:48:23, which placed her 13th in her age group and 102nd overall woman.
Cori watts came close to a PR, (+18 seconds) throwing in 7:30 miles along the way.  Cori’s final time was 1:57:38.  56th in her age group.

Dave Johnson also got a PR with a very fast 1:38:45!  His old PR was 1:44:01, so he's doing something right! 

Chattahoochee Challenge 10k

February 7, 2009
In his 3rd year for this logistically challenging race (parking over a mile away), but fun course to run, Dennis Kelly started out on the front line.  The 5th mile was mentally tough for him because he knew me had to reach the mile 5 marker in under 32 minutes to have a good chance of breaking 40 minutes.  At mile 5 in 31:27  he knew he had some time to spare if he wanted to slow a little.  Plus mile 6 would be slower with the two hills to climb.  Dennis was following the Garmin distance reading in the last half mile, but when it hit 6 miles he realized that he was much further than 0.2 from the finish line.  Luckily he didn't slow too much and still reached the finish line in under 40 minutes.  Final time was 39:35 for a PR.  Mile splits are 6:00, 6:07, 6:20, 6:22, 6:38, and 6:46.  However, several other runners also measured the course at 6.34 miles.  Dennis’ adjusted time is 38:35, a 613 pace.

Holly Donaldson was also at the Challenge in 58.28.  Her 1st mile was a bear trying to get thru the crowd.  So much more than last time.   Her splits were 10.02, 9.20, 9.05, 9.07, 9.09, 9.46, and 1.54.  Holly was shooting for a 56/57 considering she has been on sabbatical in Dec and Jan.  She was a little shocked because she thought she hit it right up to the end.  Well, 3 guys behind her with Garmins were debating the course and 2 clocked it at 6.35m.  Her adjusted time is 57:00, a 912 pace.

Joe Dollar was also at the race and warmed up with Dennis.  Joe finished in a respectable 43:26, with an adjust time of 42:41 a 649 pace.

Disney Half Marathon 2009
Jan 10, 2009
Bill Leahy ran this theme park race in 2:28:06

Cori and Rebecca at the Red Nose Run 10 Miler
Jan 10, 2009.  Birmhingham, Al.
It was cool and rainy.  Rebecca and I went out on 9:15's.  The start was slow and uphill the first 3 miles.  We got to mile 3 around 28 minutes...so we averaged closer to 10's. My hip started bothering me really bad at mile 3.5 and Rebeccas slowed down with me to 10:20's.  At mile 4.5, we stopped so I could do some stretching.  I had a lot of pain until mile 7, and then the last 3 miles were decent.  Rebecca didn't run ahead of me at all, but I could tell she was itching to go and at mile 8, I told her to take off and try to pass as many people as she could.  We were originally running for a sub 1:30, but my hip issues prevented me from doing that.  And Rebecca is so nice....she didn't leave me in her dust.  My watch time was 1:39:02.  So if you take off the 2 minute stop, that isn't too shabby considering my aches and pains.  Rebecca's time was 1:37:42.  She gained 1.5 minutes on me during the last 2 miles.  That chick is getting fast!  She's been training at 9-9:20's!  

2nd annual Mississippi Blues Half Marathon, Jackson, MS, Jan 3, 2009
I decided to go for it and run simply to complete it.  I got to mile 10 around 1:35, and I was hoping for a strong finish, but my sore hip slowed me down.   I wound up having to walk the rest of the way.  :(  Oh well!  I still got a medal!  Here are my results:
Cori Watts 2:23:10.
Dave Johnson 1:57:06
The course was HILLY, and the weather was HOT -- 94% humidity and 65 degrees at the start of the race.  Not very ideal conditions.  But the town support was AWESOME, the volunteers were great, and the food/drink was plentiful at the end.  My only complaint was there weren't enough port-o-potties on the course.  Overall - I'd give the event a 95/100! 

Dennis Kelly's 2008 Accomplishments
With 75 races and logging over 1860 miles, Dennis has achieved a task worthy of recognition.  Please read more about Dennis' accomplishments in the Training and Racing tab.

Shattered Arm Run
On Dec 17, 2008  Club President John McCusker was at home when he tripped and fell down the staircase.  He was rushed to Hospital were they operated on him for three hours; on a shattered left arm.  A plate and 11 screws were required.  A long healing process is expected.  We will keep you posted.

Honolulu Marathon 2008
Dec 13, 2008  Joe Dollar, while on a cruise in Hawaii, decided to run the Honolulu Marathon while the ship was in port.  Joe finished the marathon in 3:46:45, an 844 pace in 873 place.  

Village to Village 8K
Dec 13, 2008.
Birmingham for the Mtn. Brook Chamber of Commerce. 

Cori Watts ran a 44:33 for this tough 8K.  Cori finished 4th in her age group.  It was a tough course; very hilly.  Mile 5 was a KILLER!  A fast 2 miles, "my watch said 14:30...can you believe that!?!?!?!  I about died!  2x7:15 miles!  Even when we did speed work, my fastest mile was 7:47.  But, I crashed and burned because of those first 2 miles!  I had to walk sometime during mile 3 AND mile 5."  Dave got 2nd in his age group at 38:31.  

Christmas Lane Dash 5k
in Thomaston, GA on 12/13. 
Dennis Kelly started right before sunset, and by the time he finished, it was dark with Christmas lights all around.  He finished 5th overall with a new PR of 18:40.  Mile splits are 5:40 for mile 1, and 11:51 for mile 2. 

Las Vegas Half Marathon
Dec 7, 2008
Cori Watts 2:09:37

The Weather Channel Atlanta Half Marathon
November 27, 2008
A nice downhill run for the first 7 miles, then a challenging 6.1 miles to the finish.  Lot of PR's.
Enrique Sanchez     1:13:00     534
Rebecca Sanders    1:51:04     828
Edmund Margas       1:52:17    834
Cori Watts                1:57:20     857
Holly Donaldson      1:59:20     906
John McCusker        2:22:29     1052
Basie Wilson           2:26:41     1111
Donna Waddell       2:50:46      1302

Gobble Jog 10K
Nov 27, 2008
Kristi Pahlas only stopped once to walk; about 15 yards and then pushed through the rest of the time.  1:23:00. I saw Bill at the beginning of the race and he gave me some good advice which helped keep things in perspective.
 3 Wins in a row for Dennis Kelly.
Dennis has been on a lucky streak, winning first overall in 3 races over the past two weekends:
11/8: Dayspring 5k in Douglasville - 19:45.  Dennis started out in second place until I took the lead around 0.75 miles, and ran the first mile in 5:46.  He took the race all the way to the finish at this point. 
11/1: Running with the Band 10.5k in Beulah Alabama - 43:20.  This is a 6.51 mile course, for double points in the Grand Prix series.  Dennis took the lead at the second mile and finished almost a minute ahead of second place.  6:40 pace.
11/1: Running with the Band 5k in Beulah Alabama - 20:08.  The second race of the day was the 5k.  He took the lead at the 1 mile mark and finished over a minute ahead of the next person.

Chickamauga Half Marathon
Nov 8, 2008
Kathy Hyatt finished the half marathon in 2:21:24, followed by Jamie Hodges 2:31:39, and Donna Waddell in 3:06:45.

The ING New York City Marathon
November 2, 2008
Holly Donaldson joined 40,000 runners in 40 degree weather in the ING New York City Marathon.  Crossing the Verrazanno Bridge from Staten Island into Brooklyn, Holly reached the 5K mark in 0:30:19.  and the 10K mark 0:59:38 in the flat streets of 4th Ave.  In the 15K Williamsburgh section of Brooklyn Holly was in 1:31:10.  In Greenpoint, John McCusker's old neighborhood, the 20K mark, 2:03:11.  On the Pulaski Bridge, which is also the half way point, you can look ahead and see the 59th Street/Queensboro Bridge, and the long uphill that awaits you; Holly was at 2:10:55 at this point.  After a quick run through Queens, the long ramp up the 59th St bridge is like hitting the first wall of the marathon, however, on the downhill section of the bridge Holly turned out an 840 mile into Manhattan.  At the 'Wall" around the Bronx, mile 20 the point; at which the body reaches its limit, Holly slowed down a bit; 3:27:34 for 20 miles, but recovered nicely in Central Park and turning out a 10:53 and 10:09 in the last two miles to finish in 4:36:01. 

Re-broadcast coverage of the marathon can be seen on www.univeralsports.com

Vulcan Run 10K
RRCA National Championship
November 1, 2008 - Birmingham
Cori Watts ran to a personal record in this fast 10k with a time of 52:23, an 828 pace.  Cori was in 115th place overall out of 1751, and 21st in her age group. 

Silver Comet Half Marathon
October 25, 2008
Joe Dollar ran a strong 1:33:37, 17th in age group.  Brandie Unterreiner finished with a new PR in 1:57:31.  Lori Jordan and Nicole Shaub in their first Half, finished in 2:28:50.

Strong Finishes at YMCA Fall 5K
October 18, 2008
Dennis Kelly led the Foothills Runners to the finish line on this fast, out-and-back course with a time of 18:48, 2nd AG.  Joe Dollar was 1st in his AG with 19:59.  Edmund Magras set a PR running with 22:15.  Cori Watts ran an excellent race, finishing in 25:05; Tuesday night long intervals are paying off.  Holly Donaldson ran with her daughter part of the way then passed John and Bill to finish in 25:40, 3rd in her AG.  Bill Leahy made his move early in the race, finishing in 25:54.  John McCusker kept excellent form through out the run, having his best run in years with 27:00.  Makenzie Donaldson (10) ran a strong race in 34:25.

Apple Festival 5K
October 10, 2008 Ellijay
Bill Leahy led the way with a time of 27:04.  Holly Donaldson finsihed 4th AG with 28:17.  John McCusker 29:26.  Makenzie Donaldson won her age group in a time of 34:19 PR.  Bill Muddiman and Bertice Muddiman also won their age groups with 34:34 and 35:26.  They all enjoyed apple pies after the race.

Dennis Kelly Wins Cornerstone Community Challenge 5k
Oct 4, 2008 Hiram
Dennis' time was 18:20 (short course) and the next guy was about 25 seconds behind.

Dennis Kelly Wins Dragon's Dash 5K
Sep 28, 2008
Dennis Kelly led from start to finish to win the Dragon Dash 5K in Jasper, in 19:43.
John McCusker, Holly Donaldson, and Bill Leahy were also close behind.

Dennis Kelly at 53 races this year!
9-Aug-08 Dog Days 5k Marietta, GA 5k 19:35
9-Aug-08 Run for Love 5k Tifton, GA 5k 19:28
16-Aug-08 Clocktower 5k Rome, GA 5k 20:08
23-Aug-08 Run for the Rainbow Morrow, GA 5k 20:50 (3.3 miles)
29-Aug-08 Midnight Flight 5k Anderson, SC 5k 19:28
29-Aug-08 Midnight Flight 10k Anderson, SC 10k 47:30
30-Aug-08 Butterfly Dash 5k Watkinsville, GA 5k 21:36
1-Sep-08 Macon Labor Day 5k Macon, GA 5k 19:03  (New PR)
6-Sep-08 Roswell Rise N Run 5k Roswell, GA 5k 20:13
6-Sep-08 New Bethany 5k Buford, GA 5k 28:00 (started late)
13-Sep-08 Hot Lips Hustle Marietta, GA 5k 20:01
13-Sep-08 Trails of Life Kennesaw, GA 5k 19:53

Etowah River Run 5K
July 26, 2008
New course this year; a few more turns at the start.  Dennis Kelly led the way in 20:06, followed by Joe Dollar 20:35, Amy Stewart 20:39, Edmund Magras 23:36, Connor Frost 23:56, Rob Frost 26:57, John McCusker 30:43, Bill Muddiman 33:18, and Bertice Muddiman 35:34.

Peachtree Road Race
July 4, 2008
Probably the toughest Peachtree to date, with a 50ft elevation gain within 400m at the end of the race.  Enrique Sanchez ran through the hills finishing in 34:55, followed by Joe Dollar 45:33, Rebecca Sanders 56:21, Dave Brown 59:52, John McCusker 1:08:00.

Woodstock Freedom Run 5K
July 4, 2008
Dennis Kelly ran this race in 17:49, 30th OA, and 3rd in AG.  Edmund 20:38.  Turns out it happened again, the course was short by 1/4 mile.

Iron Girl Triathlon
June 29, 2008.
Donna Waddell completed this triathlon in 3:03:00 at Lake Lanier Islands.  Finished in 4th in age group.

Possum Trot 10K
June 14, 2008
Joe Dollar ran this favorite 10K in 45:31.

Dennis Kelly continues to knock out races.
May 31 Sweet Tomatoes 5K in 19:51.
May 31 March Against Meth 5K 19:59 1st AG, 3 OA.
June 21 Marigold 10K 42:22 a new PR.
June 21 Dash and Splash 5K in 20:42.
Swat Trot 5k 20:21 1 AG.
June 28 City Lights Star Chase 5K 19:59 11OA, 2nd AG
July 5 Freedom 5K 19:42 1AG, 11OA PR

Sweetwater H2O Half Marathon
April 26, 2008
Bob Frost on a course that was so hard; some of the trails would have been challenging just to hike on, finished in a 2:52:17.68 (108 out of 153). 
According to the posted race results, Brandie Unterreiner finished with 2:28:23.97 - #1 in her age group.

Country Music Half Marathon
April 26, 2008
Holly Donaldson ran a 2:06:43 in Nashville.

Jonquil City Jog 5k
 April 26, 2008
Joseph Dollar finished 1st in his age group with a time of 21:11.  He was aiming for 21:00.  The silver lining was that they gave key lime pies to 1st place finishers; and his wife pushed his 5 month old in both of their 1st 5k each.

The ROK Run 5k in Dallas
April 26, 2008
It was a fast downhill point to point course.  Dennis Kelley ran 19:55 for 2nd overall.

Tim Giles wins Olympic 5K
April 5, 2008 Boling Park
Tim Giles led from start to finish in the rain, winning the Cherokee County Senior Olympics 5K in 30:19.  Holly Donaldson and John McCusker served as the pacers for the event.

ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon
March 30, 2008
On the Half Marathon side Nicole Crosby ran her first race ever, in 2:10:00.  Dennis Kelly ran a 1:40:32.  Melissa Wright hobbled in with a 2:58:46 with a hurt achilles tendon. 
In the Marathon; Brandie Unterreiner had a time of 4:01:03, shaving off 34 minutes from last year!  Holly Donaldson ran a 4:31:48 and liked the new course.  Kathy Hyatt ran a 5:30:29.

MUST Run for Cam 5k
March 15, 2008 Boling Park
Holly Donaldson finished 2nd overall, and John McCusker 4th overall.

Hoya N Hare 5K
March 22, 2008 Kennesaw
Joseph Dollar placed 2nd in Age Group with 21:35, and Dennis Kelly, 1st in AG with 20:43.

Dennis Kelly on the Run...
March 2, March in Like a Lion 5k in Jasper, 20:58, 6th OA.  March 8, two races, Coulter Hampton 5k, 21:26, 4th OA, 1 AG; 614 1st mile, uphill 2nd.  South Jackson 5k, 21:19, 4th OA, 2 AG.  March 9 Trot for Tots 5K, 6th OA.  20:22.

Alpharetta Marathon
March 1, 2008
On a tough hilly course, four of our runners excelled.  Holly Donaldson set a PR and a 4th place AG finish in 4:28:11.  Possible member Laura Alley finished in 4th place AG, 4:31:59 with Tara Stanisci right behind in AG in 4:32:02.  Katherine Hyatt in her first marathon finished in 5:58:07, 7th place.  And Donna Waddell winning her age group in 6:30:33.

Chattahoochee Road Runners 10K
March 1, 2008
On a good morning for a run with temperatures rising from 49 degrees.  Although the course is essentially billed as a fast downhill course; it actually desends 287 feet covering 1.53 miles of the course;  the rest being flat or uphills.  Going with the flow of the course was Joe Dollar finishing 46:20.  Lori Jordan and Nicole Shaub finished in 1:00:43 both with PRs, and John McCusker finishing in 1:00:58.

Berry Half Marathon
March 1, 2008
Dennis Kelly finished the Berry Half Marathon in 1:41:55PR.  He ran the first 6 miles under 800 pace and the last 7 under 730.  He was 29th overall on this well planned and great course. 

Chattahoochee Challenge 10K
February 9, 2008
Dennis Kelly ran his way to a PR in 43:46, 11th in his age group.  Joe Dollar ran a 48:02.  Lori Jordan 423 in her first 10K ran a 1:03:50 a 1017 pace, along with Nicole Shaub 1:03:51.

Red Top Mountain Trail Run
February 10, 2008
Dennis Kelly ran this tough 11.5 mile course in 1:40:58 a 847 pace.  Bob Frost also ran this tough course in 2:10:10.

Resolution Run 10K
January 1, 2008
The first race of the year, Dennis Kelly, Kathy Hyatt, Melissa Wright were out there with 44:58PR, 1:03:56, and 1:04:39.

Group Runs on Saturdays.  Typically around sunrise, 7:30 a.m.  Leaving from the Canton YMCA parking lot area.  Information sent by e-mail.

Nov 27, 2014  Gobble Jog Eduardo Gregorio.  Gisele Gregorio.

Nov 27, 2014  Trytophan 10K Lynn Simmons.  5k - Brian Simmons.

Nov 29, 2014  Helen Holiday Half.  Crystal Kreung, Jennifer Gourley, Monika Fulton. Jenna Robinson, Sheri Fether.

Dec 6, 2014 Run the Lights.  Jessica Ferrell  Jason Ferrell

December 6, 2014.  Foothills Christmas Party.  Invitation arriving  shortly to your e-mail.

Dec 13, 2014  Ugky Sweater 5K.  Crystal Kreung. 

December 14, 2014  Best Damn Race Half, Cape Coral.  Jeff Wyke,

December 28, 2014  Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon.  John McCusker.

January 10, 2015  Disney Goofy.  Dede Wilbanks.

JAN 17, 2015  Charleston Half.  Chuck Rainbow.

January 18, 2015  Bahamas Marathon.  Amara Jones.

January 18, 2015.  Key West Half.  Eduardo Gregorio, Gisele Gregorio.

Feb 2015  Tampa Bay Half.  Jessica Ferrell. Jason Ferrell.

FEB 14, 2015  Mississippi Half.  Greenville, MS. Chuck Rainbow.

March 22, 2015. Georgia Marathon. Half - John McCusker Streaker - 9 years.  Holly Donaldson Streaker - 9 years.  Basie Wilson.  Chuck Rainbow.  Jenna Robinson.  Sheri Fether. 

October 18, 2015  4 Bridges Half Marathon.  John McCusker.