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The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy, and join us for a group run.  Contact us to get started!



Social Distancing Group Runs are on Saturdays, leaving from the Canton YMCA parking lot area at 7:30 a.m.  We expect everyone to follow all COVID-19 guidelines.  If you choose to stop by, look for a small group of Foothills Runners and Walkers.  Do practice social distancing if you do attend of 6 feet while we assemble, and maintain 8 feet while running.  If we reach 10 runners, lets break up into pods and head out.  If you are sick, or uncomfortable, and if you do not attend, that is fine.  Everyone’s health is important.

The popular routes are running inside Heritage Park and Etowah River Park; or run up to the R.T. Jones library; you can run out and back, or do a loop through Etowah and Heritage back to the YMCA.  4 to 4.3 miles RT.

Distances vary from 1 to 8+ miles, and from walkers to faster paced, depending on who shows.  Please reply if you plan to attend.
***Please take the necessary precautions for combating coronavirus.  Please reference the following guidelines.*** 
Going forward, starting with this group run, all persons attending Foothills events must sign a Foothills Membership/Group Run Wavier, as required by our parent organization, the RRCA.  It will be sent to you by email via Google Forms.  It can be electronically signed.
John McCusker
Foothills Running Club
Member RRCA
Rock N Roll VR
Rock N Roll Marathon Series is holding Virtual Races for free.   RNR is running well organized Virtual Races, with the option to buy medals, shirts, and other bling.  There are over 18,000 runners participating.
It is a nice program to sign up for.
These are the races our members will be at.  Please send me the races you will be at so I can post them on the Foothills calendar.
With COVID-19 still around, it is hard to sign up for a future event, as many are being canceled without refunds or deferment. 
Upcoming Events
January 30, 2021  Big Beach Marathon and Safari 7K
Randy Pierce – Shark Challenge
February 13, 2021 Museum of Aviation Marathon, Half, and 5K
On Radar
February 27-28, 2021  Publix Atlanta Marathon
Atlanta Motor Speedway
John McCusker – Half - Streaker
March 5-7, 2021  Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon, Half, Relay, 5K. – Canceled. Moved to November 2021 and March 2022.
John McCusker – Marathon Relay & 5K
Sheri Fether – Marathon Relay & 5K
Jenna Robinson – Marathon Relay & 5K
Claudia Corsino – Marathon Relay & 5K
Sue McCusker 5K
Ney Corsino 5K
March 20, 2021  Cartecay Wine Run 5K
Cartecay Vineyards – Ellijay, GA
Trail run through the vineyards.
John McCusker
Sheri Fether
Jenna Robinson

Joe Salter

Rebecca Salter

Dave Holder

Sue McCusker

April 3, 2021  Oak Barrel Half Marathon
Lynchburg, TN
John McCusker
Darlene Bohanon
April 17, 2021  Albany Half Marathon
Amanda Blakey
Joe Salter
April 25, 2021  Tear Drop Half, 10K, 5K
Chatsworth GA
10K – John McCusker
July 4, 2021  Peachtree Road Race
Joe Slater
September 11, 2021  Chickamauga Chase 15K
John McCusker
Sheri Fether
October 17, 2021  4 Bridges Half, 7 Bridges Marathon
On Radar
Sheri Fether
Peggy Marasovich
November 5-6, 2021  Rock N Roll Savannah Half Marathon
Sheri Fether
Jenna Robinson
November 12-14, 2021  Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon, Half, Relay, 5K.
November 28, 2021  Space Coast Half Marathon
50th Year
Registration opens February 14, 2021
John McCusker
Joe Salter
March 5-7, 2022  Erlanger Chattanooga Marathon, Half, Relay, 5K.
John McCusker – Marathon Relay & 5K
Sheri Fether – Marathon Relay & 5K
Jenna Robinson – Marathon Relay & 5K
Claudia Corsino – Marathon Relay & 5K
Sue McCusker 5K
Ney Corsino 5K

Advice for RRCA Members, Running Coaches, and Club Leaders
By Randy & Tia Accetta (Randy is the RRCA Director of Coaching Education)

Runners are optimistic by nature, but it’s hard to super optimistic in the face of the current public health crisis of coronavirus and COVID-19.  As an athlete, you may be feeling a little down, a bit stressed, and a lot unmotivated.
Indeed, the runners in our group are asking all sorts of questions about training.  Is running with other dangerous?  Will running workouts compromise my ability to fight off the coronavirus?  If races are cancelled, how am I going to stay motivated to train?  
Let's look at some strategies for getting through this.  We’ll concentrate on public health, community leadership, financial issues, personal health, training advice, and motivation.  Read the full article here.
1) Public Health
First and foremost, please draw on expert medical advice from the CDC and from your state and county's public health agencies.  The CDC website provides resources, data, and advice for specific populations.  See  At this writing, we're in a national state of emergency.  As of March 15, the CDC has recommended all gatherings of 50 or more be cancelled until further notice.
When running alone or training in groups, please continue to take all precautions and please be a good health steward.  Assuming that you will follow the overarching CDC advice and drawing on public health advisories, RRCA recommends some basic do's and don'ts: 
·       Don’t show up if you are feeling ill or have flu-like symptoms.
·       Don't share fluids. Carry your own fluids to avoid contact with others on course.
·       Don't share towels, food, gels, or any other item that runners normally share freely.
·       Do wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after using the port-a-john. 
·       Do not spit or “nose rocket” your nose in public – bring along tissues or a small towel or a good old-fashioned hanky if you need to get rid of some snot during the race.
·       Do practice social distancing - ensure appropriate spacing between runners; the current recommendation is at least six feet of separation.
·       Do avoid close-group selfies.
If you're running indoors at a public facility such as an indoor track, a treadmill studio, or in a gym setting:
·       Don't go to the gym if you are feeling ill.
·       Don't wipe your eyes, nose, or mouth while running. (It should go without saying that you should not spit or nose rocket indoors.)
·       Do thoroughly wipe down the handrails and monitor before you use the treadmill.
·       Do thoroughly wipe down the handrails and monitor after you finish your workout.
·       Do create space for yourself by trying to use a treadmill at least 6' from other treadmills being used
·       Do wash your own hands when you're done.
NOTE: All of these suggestions apply to ALL standard gym equipment, including elliptical machines, stair-stepping machines, rowing machines, and the like.  The City of Atlanta is closing all gyms.
2) Community Leadership and Coaching
Some running communities have cancelled all group runs, while others are continuing to hold small group social workouts.  Regardless of what you personally want, be sure to check the CDC material and local health advisories so that you understand the overall conditions affecting your athlete. 
·       Do not pressure your athletes to run, either in a group or alone. People need to make their own choices about joining a small group run during these uncertain times.
·       Do communicate with your athletes -- if you coach groups, be sure to share with them your group protocols that follow local health advisories. 
·       If you coach individuals, be sure to reach out to each athlete and discuss their individual situation.
·       Do support your athletes as they navigate their personal obligations.
·       Do consider teaming up with others in your local running and endurance community to form a cohesive community-based plan. 
·       Do practice social distancing - ensure six feet of separation between runners if you host small group runs.